Call to Action: Request AQMD Committee Meeting to be Held in South Bay

The AQMD is tentatively planning the next Refinery Committee Meeting in Diamond Bay. Urge the AQMD to assist local residents to be heard by holding the meeting in the South Bay.

The AQMD is tentatively planning the next Refinery Committee Meeting in Diamond Bar instead of the South Bay. That plan will make it much harder for local residents to be heard.

Call the Committee Chair, Larry McCallon at 909-864-6861 ext 302 and request that the Refinery Committee Meeting be held in the South Bay, not in Diamond Bar.

LA County Public Health Official Urges Phase Out of MHF

The Los Angeles County Department of Health has sent a letter to the South Coast Air Quality Management District urging the phase out of MHF as soon as possible. Angelo Bellomo, the county deputy director for health protection stated in a letter that a large scale release of MHF “would have potentially catastrophic impacts on surrounding communities.” For more information, read the Daily Breeze article by clicking here.

Court Protects MHF Documents for Big Oil

NEWS FLASH! A court order has been issued, responding to a May 2017 DoJ Petition to enforce U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) subpoenas for information on the 2015 Torrance explosion. The court DENIED virtually every request related to the modified hydrofluoric acid (MHF) unit, needed to determine the causes and potential consequences of the NEAR MISS on a tank with 50,000 lb. MHF on 2/18/2015. Most other requests were approved.  Here’s the DoJ petition: 

Thus government shields industry’s dirty secret: MHF is as deadly as hydrofluoric acid (HF). TRAA’s Science Advisory Panel has proven it, and the CSB, EPA, and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) acknowledge it in “preliminary” comments. Yet there’s no official announcement. If MHF were officially recognized as a fraud now, the surge in public awareness and anger could lead to a successful ban. So government is being coerced by industry to delay while the clock runs out on Rule 1410 and AB 1645 to ban MHF.

If industry succeeds, MHF will return to being a hidden deadly risk until exposed by another accident, possibly a deadly one. MHF must be banned BEFORE a disaster, not AFTER. Refuse to be complacent. Do what you can, no matter how small… We have 3-6 months left to act. 

We suggest: Volunteer to canvass in your neighborhood (Contact: TRAASouthBay at Visit to sign up for our twice a month newsletter and to send letters of support on Rule 1410 and AB 1645, to sign the petition, and to learn more. If nothing else, donate. For more on what can be done:

TRAA Meets with CA Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia

This past week, TRAA met with Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, (who represents the 58th District of California: Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera, Downey, Cerritos, etc) as part of TRAA’s campaign to win support for a ban on MHF by means of AQMD Rule 1410 and AB 1645. TRAA presented information about the dangers of MHF and the achievements of TRAA. Assemblywoman Garcia, who has a strong environmental record was supportive and offered invaluable advice in campaigning for this issue. She joins a growing list of community leaders who understand the importance of banning this deadly chemical.

If you would like to join future visits to elected officials, business and community leaders come to the Monday night meeting and get involved. If Cristina Garcia is your Assemblywoman and you would like to reiterate the message TRAA presented, you may message her directly here.


Another Victory!

But we still have a lot of work ahead of us….

Governor Jerry Brown signed 3 of Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi’s Refinery Safety bills. It is a bittersweet moment. These bills sailed through. But CA politicians sat on Muratsuchi’s AB 1645 to BAN modified hydrofluoric acid (MHF) alkylation. Unfortunately, we may not get the region-wide sectored siren system needed to warn of a significant MHF release. Official EPA risk reports for MHF remain unrevised, despite EPA acknowledgement that they’re wrong. It’s up to the community to fight for AB 1645 and for an interim warning system that’s adequate. AB 1645 will be up for consideration by January 2018 in Quirk’s Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee. Click here and scroll down to send letters to the AQMD board on Rule 1410 to ban MHF. We are planning a similar capability for AB 1645 in the near future. Come to TRAA’s meeting this Monday, 6pm. Torrance Sizzler at 2880 Sepulveda.