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Please use the form below to easily and quickly contact the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to make our community safe! The Torrance city council has pledged to follow the regulations set by the SCAQMD board. The SCAQMD staff (which advises the board) agrees with us: MHF acid is nowhere near as safe as the oil industry claims. MHF and regular unmodified HF acid are equally dangerous. In densely-populated Los Angeles, it would be much safer for our refineries to use other alkylation chemicals which are already in use at other refineries in our state. Now the board is considering initial concepts for Rule 1410, which could ban the chemical from being used at our refineries. But the SCAQMD could decide instead to require the refineries to add ineffective safety measures, or they might do nothing at all. They’re being lobbied hard by the oil industry. We need to lobby them even harder!

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