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TRAA’s discovery that MHF is as dangerous as HF prompted investigations by the US Chemical Safety Board,  SCAQMD, and US EPA, which arrived at similar findings. SCAQMD responded by proposing Rule 1410 to regulate MHF alkylation. SCAQMD’s expert conclusions were reported in 2017: Claims that MHF is safer than HF are UNPROVEN. Public safety requires MHF be replaced with a safe alternative.

Despite this finding, the political appointees on the AQMD Board, caving to industry pressure, recently directed staff to cut a deal with the refineries. This Rule concept requires additional emergency systems that meet some (TBD) performance standard. MHF will be banned only if the refinery fails to do so. This RULE CONCEPT is wholly UNACCEPTABLE.

SCAQMD is on thin ice and the public needs to redirect it. For decades it (incompetently or intentionally) accepted industry’s fraudulent claims for MHF safety compared to HF.

The Board’s direction to rely on mitigation is POLITICAL; it goes against all expert findings and recommendations by SCAQMD staff and consultants. MHF and HF are equally dangerous. The densely-populated LA County is the last place on earth HF alkylation should be used. Tens of thousands could die in a single accident. There are three affordable and viable MHF alternatives.

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