Send a support letter for AB 1645 to ban MHF

Ask California to ban MHF

The SCAQMD is our best bet for banning MHF. But we can’t rely on them alone. California Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi has authored a bill which would ban our state’s oil refineries from storing large quantities (over 250 gallons) of MHF. Three of Muratsuchi’s other bills to improve refinery safety were recently signed into law by Governor Brown. The fourth, AB 1645, would ban MHF. It is being held in the Assembly’s Toxic Materials Committee headed by Dr. Bill Quirk. While AB 1645 was introduced last year, it was tabled until January 2018.

The committee probably hoped that the SCAQMD’s Rule 1410 to ban MHF would be implemented before then. But now it doesn’t look like the board of the SCAQMD will vote on Rule 1410 until March 2018. So we must prod the Toxic Materials Committee into action! Please use the form below to contact the committee. Personalize your message, if you like, and tell them to make it California state law: no large stocks of deadly MHF at oil refineries!


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