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1986: (ABC GMA) Test release of HF in Nevada desert (“Goldfish” test)

5/3/17: Chemical Safety Board (CSB) animation of 2015 explosion at ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance, CA 

4/26/18: (WCCO) Thousands evacuated after Superior oil refinery explosion (HF)

4/24/18: (KTRK) Texas refinery released air contaminants (970 lbs HF)

2/17/18: (KABC7) Protesters call for ban of MHF acid at Torrance refinery

2/17/18: (KTLA) Three years after Torrance Refinery Explosion, Activists Protest Continued Use of Chemical

11/2/17: (KABC7) Torrance activists take on refinery; warn residents about controversial chemical

5/3/17: (KABC7) 2015 Torrance refinery blast was preventable, board says

10/3/15: (CBS Evening News) California refinery explosion could have been much worse

10/1/15: (KCAL9) Torrance refinery blast could have sparked major disaster

Articles in the Daily Breeze, LA Times, and other news media

4/5/19:  LA public health official urges phasing out MHF chemical at Torrance, Wilmington refineries

5/10/18: Minnesota congresswoman calls on refinery to stop using highly toxic chemical

5/7/18: Legislators push to end St. Paul Park refinery’s use of highly toxic chemical

5/3/18: Husky tells Superior Mayor Paine removing hydrogen fluoride would be “extremely expensive”

5/2/18: Twin Ports mayors want Superior refinery to stop using highly toxic chemical

5/1/18: Superior & Duluth mayors call on Husky Energy to eliminate hydrogen fluoride

4/28/18: More safety measures, but no eventual ban on potentially lethal refinery chemical used in Torrance, Wilmington, AQMD panel says

4/27/18: Wisconsin refinery fire a cautionary tale for South Bay, activists say

4/26/18: Chemical used at two South Bay refineries could be banned in five years, new rule proposal suggests

4/26/18: Developments in the debate over hydrofluoric acid

4/23/18: Cost of avoiding safety could be deadly (op ed)

4/13/18: Federal government appeals ruling quashing subpoenas related to 2015 Torrance refinery blast

4/4/18: 33 accidents happened at oil refineries as EPA delayed updating disaster rule, says environmental group

4/2/18: Refinery safety campaign frays blue-green alliance

3/31/18: Torrance refinery owner increased lobbying significantly in face of potential ban of toxic chemical used at plant

3/21/18: Manhattan Beach joins chorus pushing for ban of toxic chemical used at Torrance refinery

3/21/18: Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach support ban of hydrofluoric acid at the refinery

3/14/18: Hermosa Beach wants to get rid of toxic chemical used at Torrance refinery

3/7/18: Redondo Beach supports proposed elimination of toxic chemical at Torrance refinery

3/2/18: Torrance refinery ordered to remove tens of thousands of tons of hazardous waste

2/26/18: Hundreds march on Torrance refinery for community, worker safety, and jobs

2/18/18: Fines, air quality violations continue at the PBF-owned refinery in Torrance

2/17/18: Protesters rally to mark third anniversary of explosion at Torrance refinery

2/14/18: Free speech is free after all for refinery protesters in Torrance

2/9/18: Labor, community, environmentalists unite for health and safety

1/30/18: Groups call for investigation of EPA inaction at Torrance refinery

1/20/18: South Bay officials, residents debate new regulation of deadly refinery chemical

11/28/17: Who is telling the truth about the Torrance refinery? (TRAA Op Ed)

11/8/17: Exxon ordered to disclose some Torrance Refinery blast documents (Bonus audio interview with Dr. Hayati)

11/1/17: Torrance group launches public outreach over refinery dangers

10/10/17: Gov. Brown signs three bills aimed at Torrance refinery safety precautions

8/22/17: AQMD: Not enough data to prove safety of deadly toxic chemical used at Torrance refinery

5/6/17: Department of Justice sues ExxonMobil for 2015 refinery explosion records

5/3/17: Federal investigators: Safety culture needs to change at Torrance refinery

4/1/17: Safety lapses at Torrance refinery not acceptable, AQMD board says

10/29/15: Torrance refinery repairs push back PBF Energy sale closure to second quarter of 2016

10/28/15: Why did emergency alerts fail during latest scare at ExxonMobil refinery in Torrance?

10/27/15: Latest ExxonMobil Torrance refinery accident another close call, oil industry analyst says

10/23/15: Torrance refinery should prioritize public safety over profits: Al Muratsuchi

10/14/15: Torrance, AQMD to study use of alternative to toxic chemical at ExxonMobil refinery

10/12/15: Federal lawmakers again blast ExxonMobil for hampering federal investigations ahead of Tuesday refinery meeting

9/23/15: Ethics expert: ExxonMobil’s behavior since Torrance refinery blast is worse than Volkswagen’s

9/16/15: Torrance residents protest ExxonMobil’s refinery safety record

9/15/15: ExxonMobil failed to follow proper procedures in wake of acid leak, Torrance officials say

9/14/15: Editorial: How can anyone trust ExxonMobil after the Torrance refinery explosion?

9/11/15: ExxonMobil fails to respond to federal subpoenas for information about Torrance refinery blast

9/11/15: More problems at ExxonMobil’s Torrance refinery

9/10/15: Leak of potentially dangerous gas sparks state safety probe at Torrance ExxonMobil refinery

Early reports of February explosion and immediate aftermath