Make Your Voice Heard–Urge the State of California to Investigate Use of HF

Send a note to Governor Newsom urging him to request California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate how the refineries at Torrance and Wilmington have been allowed to store and use enormous quantities of hydrogen fluoride (HF), one of the world’s most dangerous industrial chemicals, in a highly populated area.

Proposed Text

On this five-year anniversary of the Torrance refinery explosion, I urge you to initiate an investigation of how, over the last three decades, two refineries in Southern California’s South Bay — the Torrance Refining Company and Valero in Wilmington — have been allowed to use massive quantities of hydrogen fluoride (HF), one of the world’s most dangerous industrial chemicals. Per the EPA Offsite Consequence Analysis, tens of thousands are at risk of “life-threatening health effects” up to eight miles downwind of a major HF release and “irreversible or other serious health effects” 8–16 miles downwind.

The investigation should focus on the two legal processes allowing the refineries to use HF in the South Bay: 1) the Torrance/Mobil Consent Decree initiated in the early 1990s, and 2) the AQMD/Ultramar Memorandum of Understanding of 2003. New findings — unavailable until now — unequivocally expose how these were based on fraudulently false, deceptive assertions and deeply flawed analyses.

It’s critical that the Attorney General’s office undertake an investigation of what we now know were fraudulently deceptive legal processes that have allowed two South Bay refineries to use hydrogen fluoride. Thousands of lives are at risk, and there are vastly safer, economical alternatives.

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