TRAA Begins Major Effort to Canvass South Bay Communities

Dear Fighters for a Safe Community,

We are at the beginning of a major effort to increase awareness of the dangers of Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF) at the Torrance and Wilmington refineries.  This will be a multi-pronged approach, beginning with canvassing our South Bay communities starting Saturday, October 7.  

Canvassing is the single most effective effort to grow this movement: person-to-person contact.  Past experience has proven the reception we get is overwhelmingly positive, yielding many new supporters.  And why wouldn’t it?  We are neighbors informing neighbors of an unknown safety hazard and they are grateful to find out about it, and also learn how they can help get rid of it.

We need to greatly increase the numbers of people who become active on this issue to counter the oil industry’s lobbying efforts.  Once people know about this issue, they support a ban on MHF.  It’s just that simple.  We just need to reach them. Even now, most people are not aware of the risks we face living and working in the South Bay due to MHF.   This means most people we come across will belong to our target audience!

Anyone can do canvassing – we provide the training, materials, and a walking assignment that works for you.  And we also arrange it so those who are new can walk with someone who has experience at it.  The basics are enough when doing door-to-door, because we have plenty of resources online that provide the details, and also have a newsletter that can keep them up to date on our efforts and ways they can help.

We are canvassing on October 7 and 8 (Sat/Sun) and again on October 14 and 15 (Sat/Sun).   Please sign up for a canvassing shift on one of these days by emailing with the day and time you can volunteer (2 to 3 hour time block).  Based on the response that we get, we will be able to plan the walking assignments.  Please reply by October 1 so that we can have enough time to make the arrangements.

We are canvassing on the following dates and times:

  • Sat Oct 7 10am-1pm
  • Sat Oct 7   1pm-4pm
  • Sun Oct 8 11am-2pm
  • Sun Oct 8   2pm-5pm
  • Sat Oct 14 10am-1pm
  • Sat Oct 14  1pm-4pm
  • Sun Oct 15  11am-2pm
  • Sun Oct 15   2pm-5pm

We are also in need of canvassing coordinators – volunteers who are willing to help organize the canvassing event they’re participating in (distributing the materials, helping with the training, etc).  If you want to step up for that, please indicate that inyour email.

The more people volunteers who participate, the more we can do! We are excited to get this leg of canvassing started!