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The Torrance Refinery Action Alliance (TRAA) is a grassroots organization of residents and business owners who live or work in neighborhoods surrounding the Torrance and Wilmington HF refineries. We formed our group after an explosion at the ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery (now PBF Energy’s Torrance Refining Company (ToRC)) on February 18, 2015 rocked Torrance and surrounding cities and covered us in fine dust.

The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) states that the 2015 explosion was a “near miss” on two tanks of a modified form of hydrofluoric acid (HF), called MHF, that could have been catastrophic. HF is a deadly volatile chemical that forms a dense ground-hugging cloud upon accidental release. Exposure to low concentrations of HF can cause serious irreversible injuries or death: lungs fill with blood and fluid, the heart fails, bones and internal organs are destroyed. Both MHF refineries are required to submit reports to the EPA on “hazard zones” within which such a release could very seriously harm people. ToRC’s report shows over 250,000 residents within a 3.2-mile radius could experience serious irreversible injuries (possibly death) if exposed to the plume from the release of MHF from one of the tanks nearly struck in 2015. Valero reports a hazard zone with a 4.3 mile radius. Worse yet, EPA admits these official reports underestimate the MHF threat. (See our Maps page for more information.)

Map Courtesy of Dr. Sally Hayati

Refineries could switch to safer alternatives but don’t want to because they value their profits over our lives. The refineries will do nothing unless the public forces them to. Join our group to coordinate with your neighbors and fight for a ban on MHF. You can protect your family and it won’t take too much time.  We can make this issue too hot for the “decision makers” to sit on.  The risk to public safety and health is simply too great to ignore.


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