Updates from TRAA

    1. Thursday night the TRAA team performed well at the AQMD community meeting on fence line monitoring.  Eight members attended (with short notice) and made excellent presentations and questions to the staff. Together we made the following points.
      1. That HF which is an acute problem should be separated from the monitoring of chronic pollutants. – Al Sattler, Steve D and Connie
      2. That HF is about life-and-death for ourselves and our children, very powerfully underscored by Seth
      3. That community people have sacrificed a lot and are willing to continue to sacrifice – David Poster
      4. Highlighting the test of HF that was done with 8000 pounds showing deadly levels at 2 miles and compared to the presence and settler tanks of 100,000 pounds, showing that it 6 miles (where the meeting was held) we were in the danger zone – a leaflet was passed out to that effect.
      5. That the fence line monitoring system by the refineries had significant gaps (along Crenshaw where the HF unit is) and of course in the event of a major release, a robust system for informing and evacuating the community was needed and not part of the 1180 process.
      6. While the community was present, as well as a representative of Janice Hahn and the El Segundo Fire Department, the Torrance Fire Department and City Council were absent.
      7. We also made some good contacts with other attendees. So thanks to Al Sattler, Connie Sullivan, DeDe Moore, Steve Goldsmith, David Poster, Dr. Gengh, Steve Dillow, Seth Kaufman, and Jennifer from Sup Hahn for continuing to say MHF/HF has got a go!
    2. A member was able to get a $500 donation from a pizza business!
    3. Next Week – December 18, PBF is having an event that we will want to attend – save the date!

      Torrance Refining Company LLC will host a community meeting to provide information about the Torrance Refinery’s fenceline air monitoring system that will be implemented January 2020 to comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1180.

      December 18, 2019
      6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
      North High School Library
      3620 W. 182nd Street, Torrance, CA 90504